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I thing your article is really interesting and to the point. Great work. However, there are tools that do not migrate but at least give you a headstart in a migration process that can at least save you some time.

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If you are interested as me in speaking about anything related to Oracle Fusion stack and Forms migration I will be flattered. Your email address will not be published.

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Java and JavaScript are explicitly database- agnostic. On the internet, we have single sign-on. Forms has no real model layer. Blocks are both UI grids as well as data sources.

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Migrating that into an MVC architecture is very difficult. Forms has no notion of canvases nesting in other canvases stacked canvases. There is the base canvas and then you can place other canvases on top.

Translating this into any kind of rational nested container system is going to be challenging. Forms code is interpreted. You can easily write code to populate a city based on a zip code as soon as you lose focus. Doing that kind of thing in a web environment is usually not trivial.

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When they work at all they typically work as follows: The applications that the converter generates are totally different from any application you would have written if you had worked in the target environment from the start. The converters do not get you all the way there. There is some amount of manual work required post-generation in order to get your system working.

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The user experience is about the same as what Forms provided. With modern web applications, no one is going to be very happy with a web application that looks exactly like an Oracle Forms application written ten years ago. We use a similar event model. Be Sociable, Share!

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Stoyan says:. January 7, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It not only covers how to operate the tool but also includes Douwe Pieter's real world experience in an easy to follow hands-on approach covering the possibilities and challenges of a Forms to APEX conversion project.

Hope you find the book useful!

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